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SavillTech was created in 1996 by John Savill as a home for the ever growing Windows NT FAQ that John wrote and maintained. When this page got more popular with over 150,000 different people viewing it a month it was moved to America and setup as a new site, This was because bandwidth was much cheaper in America.

Since then SavillTech has continued to maintain the Windows NT FAQ but now also performs Windows NT and VMS consultancy in both England and abroad with clients such as Bankers Trust and Bank of England former clients.

SavillTech also provide Web Site design services and write custom Java and CGI scripts to get the most out of current Technology.

In the past year SavillTech has produced a number Windows NT utilities to aid in the administration and usage of the operating system.

Please feel free to look around and mail us if you have any questions.

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If you have a service or sales related query please mail

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