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Listed here are a number of useful free utilities for use with Windows NT/Windows 2000. You may use for as long as wanted but may not redistribute without written permission for SavillTech Ltd. For any queries regarding distribution or custom enhancements please mail

A number of companies already use customized versions of the software below in commercial software/web sites.

DelOld, version 2003

A great utility to remove files matching a certain age and specification

Click for more information.

Download in self-installing format, delold_install.exe

CpyServ, version 2.0

A Windows 2000/NT service to move files between folders.

Click for more information.

Download in Zip format, cpyServ

Cmd Info, version 2.4

A command line version of the popular Win Info utility.

Click for more information.

Download in Zip format,

Win Info, version 2.4

A GUI utility showing information about your NT installation including:
- Version
- Build number
- Installation date
- Installation type, full or time limited version

Click for more information.

Download in Zip format,

Memory, version 1.1

A command line tool for viewing the amount of physical memory in a machine. Useful for machine information gathering.

Download in Zip format,

Java Search, version 3.3

A java applet that can be placed on any HTML page and using a key word data file text searches run using client side processing.

For more information see Java Search product page.

Download in Zip format,

CGI Search, version 1.2

A C++, CGI version of the Java Search engine to be used for server side search processing and is the engine used on the SavillTech site.

For more information see CGI Search product page.

Download to run on NT, ntsearch.exe *
Download to run on UNIX, unixsearch.exe *
* You will need to rename these to .cgi to use.

Performance Analyzer, version 1.0

A small Excel Macro to help evaluate a machines performance by using Performance Monitor gathered information.

For more information see the Windows NT FAQ (

Download in Zip format,

Java Boulders

A Java game that is a copy of the old Asteroids game but allows the user to configure any picture as the background. See the Java Boulder home page for more information.

Download in Zip format,

Last Update: Wednesday, 22 February 2003
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