About SavillTech

SavillTech was founded in 1995 as the original location of John Savill's NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which later moved to its own NTFAQ.COM site which was later purchased by Penton media and is still maintained and written by John Savill today.

Today SavillTech focuses on creating the very best IT educational materials including:

  • In-person events - John Savill is a regular speaker at TechEd, Windows IT Pro Connections and other events. SavillTech has also announced a whole new "John Savill Master Class" which will be offered at key cities around the US and hopefully the world.
  • Live and recorded web events - In 2012 John Savill created and presented the first "John Savill Master Series" which was a series of eight, half day events educating attendees on a full range of Microsoft technologies including architecture, administration and best practices. Other events include technology specific half day events and more focused one hour events in partnership with top technology companies such as HP, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and NetApp. In 2013 the Master Series is being repeated and a whole new Master Series created.
  • YouTube content - Follow SavillTech videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/NTFAQGuy.
  • Magazine articles - John Savill is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro magazine and writes for the magazine monthly. For the latest John Savill content see his page at http://windowsitpro.com/author/john-savill.
  • White papers - SavillTech has written custom whitepapers for many of the top technology companies in the world.
  • FAQs - John Savill maintains the NT FAQ which now covers all Microsoft technologies and is found at http://www.ntfaq.com.
  • Books - John Savill has written five books on Microsoft technologies. The latest is Microsoft Virtualization Secrets with Wiley.
  Copyright 2013 John Savill